Easily Manage Textile Business With MyTextile

Manage Jobwork, Order, Sales, Purchase, Stock and etc With Any smart device, Anywhere, Anytime.

mytextile, software for textile industry
About MyTextile

MyTextile For Textile Firms

Our team research and found too many problems in the textile business specially textile manufacturer, seller, job worker.

MyTextile app is the solution all over problem who faced by textile firms,problems like owner do not know own stocks, lack info about orders, high deadstock, too many manpower and time needed for manage business, too many paperwork and print, error in orders book and delivery, error in job work, hard to take follow up every process, less profit, customer satisfaction, etc.

MyTextile manage every process easily, no skill person need to run this app. You also accept after demo, so book demo now and running profitable business without stress.

Why MyTextile

MyTextile have To many benifits for your business as below

Increase Profit

Fulfilled customer order on time, manufacture based on order and reduce deadstock, Zero printing cost

Save Time & Money

No more billbook or paperwork, and no need skilld people for manage MyTextile

Reminder Everthing

MyTextile auto and manual reminder for Jobwork, Order, Purchase, Stock, etc. So you can't forget.

Quick Delivery

Know stock while accepting orders, so production complete on time and customer get quick delivery.

Universal Access

There is a no limit to access your MyTextile app. You can access anytime, anywhere on any smart devices

Reports & Analytics

Now Easy to understand your business with MyTextile Reports and Analytics, it helps to take healthy decision

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